Sunday, May 17, 2015

Retirement Butterfly

I borrowed a design that a friend used on one of her creations to make this butterfly card. The papers are retired Close to My Heart. I think this will go to one of the teachers that is retiring at my school this year.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shades of Gray

While cleaning off my sadly neglected crafting desk, I ran across some items I had purchased at a StampFest event in Orlando last year. Yes, I never stopped collecting new toys! I pulled together a few other scraps that were laying around on the table and came up with this quick, very simple card. I am thinking I see pattern of pink butterflies in my work lately. Maybe it's a promise of spring being on the way? Surely hope so!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Skeleton Key Butterfly

Hi!! I can't believe it has been over two years since I have posted on my blog! There have been a lot of changes and challenges over the past two years, so I guess the time has just slipped away. For anyone who ever read this blog back then, Kyli is now cancer free and just celebrated her seventh birthday! I also have a grandson who is sixteen months old. He was just diagnosed with a lifelong condition that will present a whole different set of challenges, but he is just as cute as he can be and such a fun guy to be around. Sadly, I lost my father back in January. My husband and I spent a great deal of time getting his house ready to sell and get him moved down to Florida with us. He made the permanent move in June.
There was so much more, but I really wanted to share this card. It is one of a couple I made this weekend. I haven't spent much time in my stamping room and it took a while to come up with the first card, but this one seemed to come together pretty easily. I saw the idea of using a key for the body of a butterfly while wasting time on Pinterest and just had to try it. I think it came out pretty well!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Projects

I wanted to share a couple of the projects I have been working on over Christmas break. The instructions for the Santa ornaments above were found on Pinterest and I just knew Kyli would love making these. We made six of them and she gave them to the family as Christmas presents. She was so proud to give them out! They were made with a simple salt dough and baked. Then they were painted up and embellished. Lots of fun to make!
The next project got started when I received a pair of fingerless gloves that were knitted by a friend in New Hampshire. Other people saw them and wanted to know if I had made them. That got me thinking that surely there were crochet patterns for them. Obviously, these are not fingerless gloves. While I was making the crocheted version, Kyli decided she wanted some, too. I dug out some old crochet magazines I had kept for particular "someday" projects and we found the instruction to make these adorable snowman hat/mitten/scarf sets. Kyli picked her colors and became a slave driver for me to get them done. Made hers the day before Christmas Eve while she was staying with us. They actually work up pretty quickly and my rusty crochet skills came back to me in a short time. 
 After I got done with her set, she decided that Liberty, my granddaughter who is six months younger than Kyli, had to have a set also. We don't get to see Liberty nearly as much as we do Kyli, but they are great friends when they do manage to get together. Kyli picked colors for Liberty's set, and it was game on for the second set...all day Christmas Eve!
And here is a picture of Kyli and Liberty together with Liberty showing off her set. It was about 70 degrees here on Christmas Day, so Kyli didn't have hers with her when we took the picture.
Before I go, I wanted to share our good news about Kyli's progress. She went to clinic yesterday and received chemo via her port. Her counts were good and she will now enter the maintenance phase of her treatment. She will only go to clinic twice a month as long as things continue as they have so far. She will receive chemo there and will also take chemo orally at home. As you can see, her hair is starting to come back in and the docs say this will continue. She has responded very well to the treatments. Negative side effects have been minimal and they say that this should also continue for her. She still has 2 1/2 years of treatment, but we are so grateful for the doctors' good news yesterday! We are also grateful for all the prayers that have been lifted up on Kyli's behalf and ask for continued prayers for healing.
I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas season with your families. Wishing you a blessed New Year as well!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paper Pieced Witch

Good Saturday morning to all!! I am in such a good mood today! It could have something to do with being able to sleep past 5 AM and having a day with nothing scheduled that I haven't chosen to do on my own accord! I started out by making breakfast for my hubby (I suspect he was beginning to think I had forgotten how to cook) and then actually sat down to do some creating. And here is another wonder of wonders: I actually used a stamp that I purchased yesterday!
 The papers and dies were purchased just last week!! I'm so proud of my self. I got this cute little MFT witch set and combined it with a 6x6 pack of Enchanted papers by Authentique. A couple of embossing folders and dies later, I had this card.
One of my favorite ways to create is to just start with a stamp and possible papers and let the rest of it happen as it I go. I got to do this today, though I really think I should have learned by now that some things need to be tested before putting them into action onto a nearly complete project. Those black diamond Stickles around the frame may not have been a great idea, but there they are. The rest of it I am pretty happy with. The finished card is actually mailable, too!! That almost never happens!!
Well, I'm off to get my sweet little Kyli, who isn't necessarily being so sweet today. She is having some serious mood swings from the steroids they have her on right now, but Gramma can deal for a while and let Mommy and Daddy have a break. A little retail therapy may help, so I think we will hit a couple of stores before grocery shopping and heading to my house for a little creating. I'll be back a little later to do some blog surfing....haven't had time since last weekend. Thanks for stopping in!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Witch's Dance

I've been wanting to make this card for a while now. When I got the ballet dancer die, my friend Bonnie and I got the idea to make a dancing witch out of her for Halloween. We just weren't getting it done, though. Yesterday, I was at the Dollar Tree and I found some glittery witch hat stickers and they looked like the right size for my dancer. The dancer is cut from black suede paper and her dress from super fine purple glitter paper. The papers are from Echo Park's Chillingsworth 6x6 stack. I knew the little piece of sheet music in the stack would be perfect! All the borders are done with the same glittery purple papers with a card base of basic black.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Puddle Jumper

        I've been pretty busy with the new school year. I have to admit though, that I've had more time in the evenings than I've had in past years because we have switched to an earlier start time. That translates into an earlier release time. So, I am off the clock at 3 pm!! I still don't get out of there at that time most days, but even though I am getting home earlier, I am exhausted and am usually in bed at 8!!
       I had some extra time this weekend and chose to spend it with a sweet little girl that looks a lot like the one in the image on my card! Okay, so my girl doesn't have that much hair anymore, but that's fine with me. Here she is showing off a tattoo she got at an end of chemo party for a two year old boy she met at clinic.
I think I made the best use of my time by spending it with Kyli!
     Anyway, the card is made with a Kraftin' Kimmie image that I actually bought with the hubby's blessing. He thought it was too cute to pass up, too! I colored it with Copic markers and used some Vanilla Sunshine papers I won in a drawing at the LSS! I think they are a perfect match!!
     Well, that's all for today. Hope everyone has a super Labor Day weekend!!