Monday, July 4, 2011

Beta You Thought I Forgot

When I woke up this morning, I had a pun in my head inspired by this guy and some stickers I found in my stash while cleaning up the stamping asylum the other day. This is Dory, our beta fish. Even though he is male (don't know how they can tell, but that's what the store told me when he was purchased) he is named Dory because of DGD's fascination with Finding Nemo. He's blue, so therefore, his name must be Dory!
Anyway, the pun that came to mind was "Beta you thought I forgot your birthday." To add to my inspiration, I decided to check out what the challenge was over at SCS today since I have no specific plans to fill up my day. Today's technique challenge was faux silk with a twist. I knew right away that I could incorporate this challenge into my beta card because I could make a background that looked like water. Here's what I came up with:

Faux silk with a twist is basically crinkled up tissue paper that is glued down to card stock. I used a pale purple tissue and attached it to my card stock with Mod Podge. I sprinkled some Dazzling Diamonds glitter all over. The twist was to add some other kind of sparkly color to it, so I added a spritz or two of purple pansy Glimmer Mist. The fish, seaweed, and starfish were made using outline stickers and Glitter Ritz microfine glitter. A tedious technique, but I love it! Here is a closer view of the glittery fish:
Well, now I have some other projects to do that are on the required list of things to get done. At least they involve some stamping :0)

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  1. My goodness you made a stunning and shiny card and love your sentiment, guess you never know where your inspiration comes from. Love this. Have a great 4th.


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