Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cowgirl Easel

This is a card I made with the intention of using it for my son's MIL's birthday. She is a big western/cowboy fan, so when I make her a card, I often use that theme when designing it. This one did not make it. I was almost finished on the night before we left for our trip to Ohio and hit a wall with it. I just couldn't cut the papers on the right diagonal for anything!!! It's just not that hard, but I guess with the trip coming up, I just couldn't focus enough to get it done. When we got back, it was one of the first things I tackled and it fell together with no problem. Guess I'll save it for her next birthday or special occasion!
I made it an easel card, which is what caused me all the grief. I had already scored the diagonal line. If I hadn't done that first, I could have made it swing the other way and saved all the mangled papers.
I made the star embellishment using chip board stars and embossing powders and glitter glass. I applied the embossing powders repeatedly to get a really thick coating.
And there you have it....another card with lots of postage!! Pretty typical for me!
On a personal note, today is a happy day because it looks like I will be getting to bring my truck home!! My son has had it since Kyli's diagnosis so they had could have a dependable, air conditioned ride to and from the hospital whenever needed. Yesterday, they were able to get a car that fit the bill. I'll be helping out a little to cover some of the expense, but I will have my truck back!!! It will sure make life easier at my house!! I hope everyone has a blessed day!!


  1. What a fun card, love the theme, the little girl and the papers you used, with that fantastic fold. Fun her on this blog, come over :) Great news on your truck and that they have found a car.

  2. Lovin' this sensational card, Lynnor!! How fabulous!!


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