Saturday, August 11, 2012

TP Giraffe

It was my goal this summer to work my way through some of the "stuff" that I had already cut, colored, or prepared in some way prepared and reduce the pile of incomplete projects. Well, my summer did not turn out as planned and while I did get a lot of these things sorted out, I didn't get a lot of completed cards or projects from the deal. This is one I did get done. I had already colored this adorable giraffe image. Several years ago, there was a technique challenge on SCS to make "faux hand-made paper." It was a fun and completely messy process that I got a little carried away with. I made about 50 pieces of background papers in quarter sheet size, ready to put on a card. The colors in this one were perfect for the giraffe image! I layered it up with some gold mirror paper and black card stock. To make the giraffe stiffer because of the fussy cutting and to help it stand out from the rough background paper, I added a couple of layers of clear embossing powder before cutting...this baby shines!!
To make the background paper, I started with a quarter sheet of white card stock, a roll of cheap toilet paper, and an assortment of acrylic paints. I squirted a small amount of several colors of paint on a palette (recycled foam tray). I dipped a wad of TP into the lightest color of paint and dabbed it all over the card stock. By using the cheap TP, small pieces of the paper sticks to the card stock with the paint creating a fabulous texture that looks like hand-made paper. Repeat with a new wad of TP and each color of paint until you are happy with the results. Every piece of paper led to another color combination possibility and I just couldn't stop making the stuff. In fact, I'm thinking I may have to get out the supplies and make some more!
On a personal note, Kyli is spending the weekend (at least) at the hospital. She finished a round of chemo the other day and hasn't been feeling well. Yesterday she started have some gastro issues and vomiting, so they took her in. They are treating her with IV meds for speed and effectiveness which is why she was admitted. We will be heading up to see her later today, but hoping she will be home tomorrow or Monday.
Thanks for stopping in today. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!!

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  1. your faux paper is awesome Lynnor! That giraffe looks so real and 3D! great job!
    Do hope little one is feeling better as they hydrate her up. Poor little peanut.


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