Sunday, June 5, 2011

8th Grade Dance 2011

I'm recovering from my second late night in a row with a third, or is it fourth, cup of coffee. The eighth grade dance is in the history books for another year and it went very well. We had 117 kids attend, all behaving well and dressed to the nines! I wanted to share a few pics of the some of the decorations. Our art teacher, and fellow stamper, created the city skyline with the help of some of her students out of discarded science project display boards. One of our reading paras made the dancer silhouettes along with a really cool gangster style car.
The cupcake lights were my brainstorm, but I don't have the skills to make it happen, so I drew it up and gave it to our team leader and she made them happen. They are made from old lampshades and tissue paper.

The refreshments were all sorts of junk food, complete with a chocolate fountain and lots of dippers. The lady in the black dress behind the table, is our fabulous art teacher and creator of the city skyline, Tasha Strigle!!

Here's the team, along with my granddaughter Kyli, who manages to find her way into most pictures...what a cheeser! From left to right, Verlinda Colding (reading para), Tasha Strigle (art), me (invites, tea light roses and general labor), and our leader Pattie Stanley (classroom sub doesn't even begin to describe her talents...she does it ALL!).

And just me! It was fun, but so glad it's behind us. Only three more days with the kids and one work day. The years just go by faster with each one. I will say good-bye to ten eighth graders this year from my class. They are a great group. Four of them came to the dance, the most ever from my class!
Well, the rest of my day is to be spent with granddaughter Kyli and maybe a little stamping later on. Have a great Sunday!


  1. What amazing decorations and you look gorgeous! I can see why the dance was a success, it looks amazing. TFS now sit back and relax today.

  2. What an awesome fantasy you all created here!! Absolutely beautiful, Lynnor!!

  3. Wow looks amazing and so do you Girl Friend!!! How fun... Thank you for your sweet comment Lynnor!!


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