Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'll try to be nicer...

I wanted to share a project I made for a dear friend of mine. As soon as I saw this Bugaboo image, I knew it was perfect for her. My friend works in a computer lab at one of the local high schools and this image completely reflects her outer personality. One thing about Nancy, you never have to wonder what she's thinking! She's a little crusty on the outside, but she has a heart of gold and I just love her! But what else could you expect from an ex-Miami cop? Guess you have to have a little attitude to survive there!
Anyway, this project was over a year in the making. Getting the image, blowing it up, and getting it colored was the easy part. When that was finally done, I realized I didn't have a frame to fit it after all. But I remembered that the LSS had exactly what I was looking for on their clearance off I went to get it. Well, not exactly. It was more like trying to remember to get it when I was in the store which is harder than you might think! You see, I have a little problem with follow-through unless I write it down. Anyway, by the time I remembered, the store had put away the items on the clearance rack to make room for more new stuff and an up-coming move. They were sweet enough to dig it out of the store room for me and I finally had the frame at home.
Of course, because I have follow-through issues, the frame sat untouched for almost another year before I got it out and got it painted. From there it was pretty quickly accomplished. I layered the image on some retired Tango Tangerine dsp and finished it off. I even managed to get it delivered within the week and she loved it! In fact, even though she is sure it will get her in trouble, she says it will proudly hang in the computer lab. She says her kids will totally get it.
Well, I had fun making this little project even if it did take me forever to complete. Hope you liked it too!


  1. You story had me with a case of the giggles....too cute. Love this, your friend will love it and display it proudly.

  2. Love this sensational framed design for the computer lab teacher!! How perfect!! I know both she and her students will love this hanging in the lab!! Awesome work, Lynnor!

  3. I got such a chuckle out of your follow through story. I think a lot of us share that trait. Your friend will treasure this funny image and sentiment that you've framed so nicely! Very cute!

  4. I made this image up is just perfect for the office! One of my co-workers had grey hair just like this! So fun!

  5. Your little story hit close to gave me a good laugh and inspiration to finish a few year long projects of my own!!! Your image is just tooo cute and perfect for your how you framed it!! Your friend will love it, too!!!


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