Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zentangle and Disney

Today I am adding a couple of pages from my Zentangle calendar that I have been working on. I really need to spend some time stamping, but Zentangle is so portable. I did the page with the tree one day while I was watching Kyli play on her swing set. The second one (still  needs shading) I did while sitting and chatting with a friend. She was doing the same thing, so she wasn't even thinking that I wasn't paying attention to her. It's good to have friends with common interests!
On a personal note, my son and daughter-in-law took Kyli to Disney for her fourth birthday. It was her first visit and she went non-stop for 14 hours without a stroller! Of course, she then slept for about 14 hours straight! Just she collected autographs from so many of the characters. She even got to dance with Goofy at one of the shows. Check out my son's wizard hat! I am sooooo going to snag it for the next hat day at school!!!


  1. Amazing, I have seen a few of the Zentangles, looks wonderful and so detailed. What sweet pics of Disney, wow 14 hours without a stroller, even I can't do that.

  2. I could get lost in these exquisite drawings, Lynnor! Absolutely stunning!!

    What an unforgettable birthday for Kyli!

  3. I am really wondering why I haven't seen the Zentangle calendar in Disney! I'll gotta check this out next time especially now that I won't be having problems in carrying my child and I owe it to Disney World stroller rentals. Thanks for sharing Zentangle calendar. :)


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