Saturday, March 3, 2012


Those of you who stop in regularly probably know that this sweet pooch is my beloved friend and fur baby, Ice. It has been pretty sad around here for the past couple of days because I came home from work on Thursday afternoon to find that my sweet girl had died rather suddenly and completely unexpectedly while we were at work. She did have occasional seizures and it looks like this may be what happened to her but we will never know for sure. I have to say that the whole ordeal has been easier to bear because I have the most wonderful friends a girl could ask for! At work, in my stamping circle, in cyberspace...ya'll are the best!!! One of the most touching things I had happen was receiving the card below that was made by my dear friend, Bonnie. She had a bunch of the girls from the LSS sign it and had it ready when I arrived Friday afternoon to prep for my class on Sunday. She had also made a sweet little acrylic photo tag using the same picture.

We are missing Ice terribly right now and I am sure there will be another dog in our lives very soon. When the right situation happens, we will know it and I'm sure we will have no choice in the matter as our fur babies have always chosen us, not the other way around. For now, we are trying to carry on and get back to normal, especially for the sake of my granddaughter, Kyli who I worry will be very upset over losing Ice. They had gotten to be quite the pair! Today she was practicing using my Scor Buddy while I was finishing the prep work for the Sunday class. (I didn't have a very productive evening last night)
I was amazed at how well she handles this tool at only four years old!!
Well, thanks for stopping and "listening" to my ramblings. Looking forward to more cheerful posts in the future!


  1. Oh Lynnor, my heart goes out to you and your family, so sorry for you loss, I know it can be so hard to lose your fur baby. Prayers to you and your family during this time. Cyber {{hugs}} Kathy and Lucky

  2. I am so sorry Lynnor. Sending you hugs. ♥

  3. Hi Lynnor, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on my blog. I am so, so sorry to read about your beloved Ice. Our dogs hold such a special place in our hearts, touching us in ways that are not humanly possible. My heart goes out to you and your family as you mourn your loss; may you be comforted by your sweet memories during this sad time.

  4. I am so saddened to learn you have lost your beloved Ice. It is so hard to lose one so dear.


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