Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coming home

My Kyli will be coming home tomorrow!! She has had a very dramatic week and a half. She spent two days in the peds ICU and has had good and bad days. Every day, though, showed improvements over the one before in at least some ways. The picture above was taken just after returning to the peds oncology ward from PICU. She was still in considerable pain and cried a lot.
Yesterday, she started physical therapy to get her up and walking again. It started with some lessons with Chemo Duck. She learned all about the different instruments the doctors use and why they use them. She was very interested in learning all she could! As you can see, she has no shortage of friends in her bed to practice on!
Today, she was up walking around the floor with her little shopping cart and visited the Tebow room several times to play games and create with her Play-Doh...she sure loves that stuff. She did all this activity after a second spinal tap to put more chemo into her nervous system to help prevent relapse later on.
BTW...they call it the Tebow room because the room and entire ward was refurbished and provided X-Box systems from the raffle sales from Tim Tebow jerseys that he donated to the hospital. Pretty awesome, I think. It's a great room for the kids to play in, and not just with the video games.
This is going to be a very busy weekend. They will be moving into a temporary place while a new home is secured that better suits her medical needs. Then three visits scheduled for next week back at the hospital and cancer clinic with about the same number of visits each week for some time to come. She will lose all her hair by the end of the month and will puff up from the steroids. I just know she is going to be a survivor...she's too tough to do otherwise. We finally received the good news verifying our belief that they would not find the Philadelphia Chromosome in her!!! So glad of that as it will make the treatment of the cancer much easier.
Thanks so much for the prayers that have been offered up for her! The family appreciates every one and we are convinced that it was the power of prayer that has helped to ease her way in the battle she is facing and for the survival of so many others!


  1. Such a strong and brave little girl, I cannot image what everyone is going through, but I believe in prayer and continued daily prayers for Kyli and your family. Thanks for the update.

  2. Praising God for answered prayers! I will continue to pray that Kyli responds well to her treatments. I'm praying as well as for courage, strength, and faith for your family! Hugs to you, Lynnor!


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