Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taking a time out

Hello to the blog world. I know that I don't get on here as frequently as I'd like to, but I think there is going to be an even greater decrease in my presence here. The unthinkable has happened to our family. My precious granddaughter Kyli who is only four years old has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She has been at Shands Teaching Hospital in Gainesville, Florida for the past week. While her prognosis appears to be good because it was caught so early and the many factors that are in her favor, she has an extremely difficult three years ahead of her.

I have to say that my son and daughter-in-law have stepped up and handling the tough role that has been handed to them in a way that makes my heart burst with pride. And that sweet little girl is being so strong and tough! It makes me soooooo sad that she has to learn to be so tough at such a young age.
A Facebook page has been set up for anyone who would like to keep up to date on her progress and stay in touch with the family during her treatment. If you go to the page and "like" it, you will receive updates in your newsfeed whenever you login to Facebook.
I just wanted to let ya'll know why I won't be on here as much as I'd like. Prayers are greatly appreciated...we truly believe in God's power to heal and bring comfort. Thanks in advance and big cyber hugs to my blogger friends!


  1. Oh Lynnor, I cannot imagine having to deal with this as a family and for Kyli, but I will make sure you and your family are part of my daily prayers. So glad to hear that the prognosis is positive.

  2. I am so saddened to learn that your precious Kyli must fight this difficult battle, Lynnor. I know the loving presence of her beloved family will give her strength and courage to face each challenge that comes her way.

    Kyli and your entire family with be in my every prayer. I know that God's love and grace with carry you all through this time. Hugs and love!

  3. Oh Lynnor, I am so sorry I missed this post and the one after this. How very scary. I know she is Grandma's girl so this must be so hard. Please keep up posted! Can we send a card?

  4. Thank, Sue. I added an update today and I'm sure Kyli would love to receive a card. She is a card-maker herself and loves to see what other people create! You can send it through me, PO Box 211, Citra FL 32113.


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