Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blue Roses

I saw this technique done on a blog somewhere and I just fell in love with it. I carried all my border punches to a stamping retreat and the next thing you know, all the girls were making card bases using every imaginable color/punch combination. We even got a few cards completed using our experiments! A few days later, I found this Martha Stewart punch and I had ideas popping into my head right away. I had to play right away, so I got into Bonnie's scrap pile at Priceless (the LSS) and I ended up with blue roses. This card currently lives at Priceless, so if you live in the area, you can see it live and in person if you stop in. Can you see the glitter???? You know it had to be there!
On a personal note, my son and his wife got all moved into their new home (new to them) which is so more bright and cheerful (not to mention cleaner) than the old one that was just not suitable for Kyli's current health needs. There is no carpeting in this house which makes keeping it clean much easier. Her new bedroom is so bright and cheery! She just loves being there and is content to play there much of the time instead of dragging all her toys out to the living room. It's where I spend most of my time when I visit because that's where Kyli is!
Her other grandmother bought her a new bedroom set, all in white. It had these really pretty hearts and ribbons carved into it and my son decided right away that they needed to be painted pink and purple and glittered up. The other grandmother almost had a heart attack as the ink wasn't even dry on her credit card receipt when Robbie told her he wanted to paint it. When he explained that he was going to have me do it, so relaxed considerably. I spent about three days working on this project as I had to do it in sections and I think it turned out pretty cool. Kyli loves it and even helped a little. Robbie is very pleased and the other grandmother even loves it!! So I guess I did okay! Here's a few shots of the project:

Of course, it's very glittery...because I did it!

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  1. I know Kyli must feel like a princess in her new bed and bedroom! So sweet!


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