Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paper Pieced Witch

Good Saturday morning to all!! I am in such a good mood today! It could have something to do with being able to sleep past 5 AM and having a day with nothing scheduled that I haven't chosen to do on my own accord! I started out by making breakfast for my hubby (I suspect he was beginning to think I had forgotten how to cook) and then actually sat down to do some creating. And here is another wonder of wonders: I actually used a stamp that I purchased yesterday!
 The papers and dies were purchased just last week!! I'm so proud of my self. I got this cute little MFT witch set and combined it with a 6x6 pack of Enchanted papers by Authentique. A couple of embossing folders and dies later, I had this card.
One of my favorite ways to create is to just start with a stamp and possible papers and let the rest of it happen as it I go. I got to do this today, though I really think I should have learned by now that some things need to be tested before putting them into action onto a nearly complete project. Those black diamond Stickles around the frame may not have been a great idea, but there they are. The rest of it I am pretty happy with. The finished card is actually mailable, too!! That almost never happens!!
Well, I'm off to get my sweet little Kyli, who isn't necessarily being so sweet today. She is having some serious mood swings from the steroids they have her on right now, but Gramma can deal for a while and let Mommy and Daddy have a break. A little retail therapy may help, so I think we will hit a couple of stores before grocery shopping and heading to my house for a little creating. I'll be back a little later to do some blog surfing....haven't had time since last weekend. Thanks for stopping in!!


  1. Breakfast and stamping...the start of a perfect day Lynn! I hope you have a nice day with your little Sweetums!

  2. Oops...very cool card too! Love the paper piecing!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday...there is nothing better than being with the grandkids!!! Your card is sooo cute...I love the little witch and she looks great with the paper pieced outfit!!!!


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