Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Make mine a triple!

The ice cream cravings have been really strong lately, I think it's the really hot weather we've been having. It's not typically quite this hot in June in Florida. Usually into July or August before it gets as nasty as it's been lately. I finally gave in to the craving this afternoon. After spending the day at Silver Springs attraction with Kyi, I bought a half gallon of strawberry cheesecake ice cream to take home. I didn't make it out of the ice cream aisle though without also getting a little single serve container of chocolate chip cookie dough flavor for the trip home. Now, honestly, this really was a single serve container...very tiny! I could have eaten one of those whole pint cartons and claimed it was single serve, but the scale seems to know the difference and I would have regretted it in the long run. It was sooooo yummy!! Had to do a little knee driving, but it was worth it! Kyli was already safely dropped off at home before I went for that no hands approach to driving!
Anyway.....I have seriously had ice cream on the brain, and yesterday, I had to use this cute little set from SU! I've had it for months I think and never inked it up! I had never cut into these papers either, so those were the colors I ended up using.
Tomorrow is set for a major overhaul on my stamping asylum. I have a desk to move in there, so I will go ahead and completely redo the room. Hasn't had a big clean out since we moved in three years ago. I did some changes last summer, but it really needs it again! Thanks for stopping in...if you don't hear from me before Friday...someone had better send out a search party! I may have been overcome by the mess in my room!!


  1. Lynnor, this is terrific! Great colors and the sugery sparkle on the scoops with the tiny cherry near sentiment is fantastic! Great looking card!

  2. I am so bummed I missed club on Monday this card is so cute, you make such beautiful cards!! Great card!!


  3. Love this fabulous card, Lynnor!!

    Blue Bell is on the ban list at our house!! I sneak it in only when the grandkids are here!

  4. FUN FUN FUN, love that ice-cream YUMMY!

  5. This is great Lynnor, I love the way you did the ice cream!


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