Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An update on Kyli's surgery

Nothing crafty to show you today. Kenny and I had a most interesting day. It kinda started overnight with a nearly 6 hour power outage. Fortunately, we were asleep for most of it, but as there was no stormy weather last night, we wondered what could have caused such a lengthy outage. Well, as we were leaving to head to the surgical center for Kyli's surgery, we found out what had happened when we were greeted by this:
Obviously, Kenny had been working on this for some time before I thought to take a picture, but this old oak tree had basically split in half and landed across the only access to our property. The power company had come in and replaced the pole the tree took out and ran a new line and left the rest of the mess for us. I realize it isn't their job to clear our road, but gosh!!!! They cut through the neighbors fence and horse pasture to get to their power pole and left their blocked easement completely blocked! If they had cleaned that up, we could have gotten out even if it wasn't the most direct route!
Anyway.....after some really hard work and a second round of showers, we were finally off to be with Kyli! As the surgeries schedule was backed up, we still made it in plenty of time. Don't you just love how things always work out? This is our little sweetie just before they took her back to the OR....she's on a little happy juice to help sedate her.
After several long hours of waiting, she finally made it to recovery where these last two photos were taken. She doesn't look nearly as happy, but they were able to remove all of the birthmark which apparently means it was only fatty tissue left up there. They were afraid they may run into some blood vessels in the mass which is what caused it to be there in the first place. The hair will grow back and she won't have to worry about that "boo boo" any more.
Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for Kyli during this simple but still scary surgery! Big glittery hugs to  all of you!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh Lynnor I got goose bumps reading about the whole thing! I can't believe they left you blocked in! Thankfully you made it to the hospital in time. I hope Kyli is recovering well, what a cutie she is!


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